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Booking Phone: 541 613-5434

FRANK ROSZAK, KBA Awardee 2014
(818) 679-7636

Leonard Griffie is a blues artist who manages to walk the line between traditional and contemporary blues with great success. His songs are both unique and instantly recognizable as the work of a man who's devoted his life to the blues. By blending many styles, Leonard has effortlessly created his own. His original compositions form the majority of his live shows and virtually all of his recorded output. If you're looking for a fresh voice that leaves no doubt where his heart is, seek out the music of Leonard Griffie.

"Griffie knows how to growl and snarl and pretty much recreate a show room experience without it feeling contrived. He knows how to deliver all the moves that feel like they were imported here directly from west side Chicago, there's just nothing here not to like. Well done throughout."
Midwest Record 9/16/17

"In these days of over-produced, overly-loud blues-rock mashups masquerading as blues, it’s refreshing to hear an experienced, bona-fide  bluesman ripping out the real thing, with clean, discernable guitar phrasing and honest, straight-up production."
Phil Newton, Jefferson State Vibes

"Leonard Griffie has an exceptional talent when it comes to song writing...With the first song, ‘Look Me In The Eye’ we are sitting directly in the ‘Chicago Blues’, including the lovely horn section that contributes to the album, together with the warm voice of Leonard Griffie"
Rootstime, Belgium

His voice reminds me of Lonnie Brooks' but his guitar playing is really very personal. A subtle touch and full of feeling and original voice and an ease to always reinvent harmoniously. Hoping this will open to him the gates of some french festivals.
Blues Alive 76, France

He’s a fine singer... He’s got a good way with words as well so you find yourself actually listening to what he’s singing... Most of the material sticks to a medium groove but it doesn’t really matter when the songs are as good as ‘What You Got Is What You Get’ and ‘I Do Love You'. A very enjoyable release.
The Rocker, UK

“The Guitar Monster can sing... and write tunes!”
Boogie King Steve Spoulos -
KRVM Radio, Eugene, Oregon

Griffie is a superb guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.  A bluesman to the core, this cat has had enough experience in other fields to keep the music interesting to contemporary fans without the danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  The blending of blues, soul and jazz makes for an interesting combination...especially when done as nicely as this.
Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue

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In July, 2017, Leonard released his finest CD to date,
"Better Late Than No Time Soon".

From the new CD:

A Dollar Or Two
Look Me In The Eye
Better Late Than No Time Soon

Listen to samples or purchase "Better Late Than No Time Soon" HERE.

View or download CD one-sheet HERE.

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